AirBridge Summer Rates

Dear Customer

We are delighted to provide the link for our Summer Rates.  Note that these rates are for our freighter services ex Chicago and include trucking and are reflected in Canadian dollars from Toronto and Montreal. Please see the tabs on the rate sheet for destinations and origin points.

We also offer pricing using our interline partner’s for lower deck shipments – please call for rates as the present market fluctuates and we want to offer you the best rate possible.

Not all of our destinations are priced here but we can quote quickly on most lanes so do call us.

Our surcharges are:

  • Fuel $1.15  Sec $0.16 per kilo based on actual.
  • NAV $.07ckg on Chargeable only for freight departing from Canada by Air

Many thanks for your support

Our contact information is:


6500 Silver Dart Dr
Suite 322

Mississauga, ON L5P1B1

(905) 362-0194